About company

The company was founded in 1992. We develop, produce and supply products for electric vehicles and traction energy devices for trunk roads and urban electric transport.

At the beginning of the enterprise, the main consumers of our products were railways, repair factories of JSC «Russian Railways» and organizations of urban electric transport. The main products of the enterprise were the current collectors' runners and components for electric locomotives and electric trains of the rolling stock. Subsequently, CJSC «S Electrotransport» began development and production of current collectors for freight and passenger electric locomotives of direct and alternating currents, dual power locomotive and current electric trains.

Our history


Our company regularly passes quality certification. In August 2014 the company received a Certificate: International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS). Then we confirmed and extended it in 2017.

Сертификат I net
Сертификат IRIS Certificate
Certificate DSQ
Сертификат DSQ

In 2015 we got certification from IQNet «Selena Electrotransport JSC has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System».


Currently, our company supplies current collectors and components to the largest Russian electric locomotive factories and locomotive repair plants.

A serious advantage of our company is the consistently low price of the supplied products, due to many years of experience in improving technologies and optimizing production processes.

The production complex has the following equipment:

  • Metalworking equipment

    Turning, milling, drilling, bending machines, and guillotine
  • Joinery Machines

  • Universal welding equipment

  • Press equipment

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