Since 1992, the company «S Electrotransport» produces components for electric locomotives, electric trains, railway transport, and urban electric transport.

Current collectors

They are installed on electric rolling stock (ERS) and provide current transfer from an overhead contact line to the ERS traction engine

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Образец токоприемника
Current collector «LA 19-SET 160 1200»

Equipped with automatic lowering systems, which are triggered when the current collector is raised to a height of more than 7000 mm above the railhead level.


Served for installation on current collectors and transfer of electric current from the contact wire to the current collector. The main part is a current collecting element, which provides sliding contact on the wire.

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Образец полоза токоприемника
Runner «P01-00-0001»

Runner carcass provides versatility and lowest cost of labor for the installation of inserts.

Образец струны контактной сети

Droppers of a contact system

The element of overhead contact line intended for suspension of contact wire to the messenger wire.

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Образец рамы токопримникаОбразец каретки токоприемникаОбразец пневморессоры токоприемника

Spare parts and accessories

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