Current collector «TrА 01-SET 90»

Current collector «TrA 01-SET 90»The current collector (semi-pantograph) is designed to connect the electrical equipment of a tram with an overhead line.

The maximum admissible continuous current is up to 800 A when moving at speeds up to 90 km/h or up to 160 A when parked. The nominal voltage of the overhead contact system is 550 V.

The current collector comes with the remote control system for deployment/retraction. It can be deployed or retracted manually in case of an emergency.

This current collector is used by trams manufactured by Pesa and Stadler.The current collector can be shipped with the following types of contact strips:

  • Aluminum contact strip (605.29.17.066);
  • Flat aluminum runner (single runner);
  • Carbon contact strips (graphite).

See also

Current collector LA 17-SET 160 1200

The top node, which includes two three-row runners, allows you to shoot current up to 3200 А.

Current collector LA 19-21-SET 155 800

The control panel of the current collector is located in the body of the ERS.

Current collector LA 19-22-SET 155 800

The removable current has up to 800 A when moving and up to 250 A in the parking place, from a contact network with a voltage of 27 kV and an ERS speed of up to 155 km/h.