{ "name": "The carcass of the runner «P02-00-0001»", "content": "

Designed for mounting coal contact inserts of types A and B on it in accordance with «TU-1916-020-27208846-99».

The runner provides significant savings for the coal inserts when the runner restoring achieve the limit of wear.

The number of rows of coal inserts is three, mounted according to the 5 + 5 + 5 scheme. The mass of the runner without coal inserts is 13.8 kg. Length of the runner is 2040 mm.

", "meta_title": "The carcass of the runner P02-00-0001", "meta_key": "", "meta_description": "The carcass of the runner «P02-00-0001». Find out more about the characteristics, analogs and features of this runner on the S-Electrotransport website.\"" }