Runner «P04-00-0001»

The runner in the set (runner frame with metal-ceramic contact plates) is designed to transfer electric current from the contact network to the electric rolling stock.

The runner provides versatility and lowest cost of labor for the installation of inserts.

Ten pieces of metal-ceramic contact plates of type VZhZP are located in four rows. They are mounted according to the scheme 3 + 2 + 2 + 3. The nominal current of the current collector in motion mode is 2500 A.

See also

Runner P01-00-0001

The runner consists of a carcass and coal inserts mounted on it.

Runner P02-00-0001

The runner provides significant savings for the coal inserts when the runner restoring achieve the limit of wear.

Runner P05-00-0001

The runner is intended for installation on Czech current collectors of type 2SLS AC electric locomotives.