3D objects modeling and prototyping

Product development (3D modeling) and design documentation (drawings) are Computer-Aided Design (CAD)-based:

  • SolidWorks-2014
  • AutoCAD-LT2014
  • Compass-V16


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Reasons for choosing our team

S-Electric transport design bureau has 12 years of experience in any complexity equipment modeling and engineering analysis.

Compliance with clear deadlines

Transparent operation form

Prototypes testing

Rope absorber
Канатный амортизатор

We have been engaged in petrochemical equipment on development, successfully created and started to produce industrial manipulators, as well as patented and put into mass production rope shock absorber.

Equipment visualization to order

We resolve any complexity issues in the projected objects modeling field, as well as engaged in technical documentation creation.

Formed models and competent technical documentation help to avoid errors in mass production, also they assist in conducting engineering testing and create presentation materials.

Complex technical equipment

All mechanisms and details of technical documentation are elaborated to eliminate deficiencies, which implies modernization and testing.

Medium complexity models

Simple mechanical products according to technical documentation with completion and testing opportunity to order

Simple models and details

Primitive objects and equipment parts simulation

Operation stages

It is easy to start working with us – just fill out the brief and attach it in the form below.

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Object modeling
Engineering analysis
Model visualization

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We need to get complete information about the project to successfully finish our work.

3D visualization will require:

  • Photos
  • Links to competitors examples
  • Detailed task description
  • Desired angles
The more details you described for the task and the more materials you sent, the simpler the workflow will be and the more accurate the result. We will be glad to provide the customers with our solutions in case of required data absence.

Object modeling02

An object framework is created for technical documentation while considering all the features. At this stage, technical aspects and instructions for upgrading the model consider in accordance with the terms of reference, which will allow avoiding modifications in subsequent work tests.

Engineering analysis03

It is important to evaluate the mechanical impact and wear of the device before mass production because it determines the use of certain materials in gathering the working model of the product, as well as to check the durability of the product to external factors.

Model visualization04

High-quality models, which can later be used even for promotional purposes, are prepared for the product presentation. Technical requirements for the final model should be discussed in advance and included in the specification.

Cost calculation

To accurately calculate the cost of developing a model, you need to describe in detail the task, attaching all the available materials.

Your request processing will take no more than a day.

Please attach some work models, sketches or drawings, if available at the moment to the request or add a link to download them into the description if exceeding the maximum file size.


The technical specialist will call you back and help you to make a technical assignment.

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Процесс создания нестандартного оборудования

Production and design non-standard equipment to order

Our plant’s design department can embody almost any of your ideas and design even the most complex equipment, including technical documentation and outsourcing audits.

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