{ "name": "Runner «P01-00-0001»", "content": "

The runner consists of a carcass and coal inserts mounted on it. The carcass is designed for mounting on it inserts of types A and B of profile No. 2 according «TU-1916-020-27208846-99».

This structure of the runner provides versatility and the lowest labor costs for the installation of inserts. The carcass includes a large base with a copper tape substrate under the carbon inserts, steel side plates, brass troughs for fixing the inserts, fasteners. The carcass is an improved modification of the previously released analog 5TS.261.002.01.

The number of rows of carbon inserts is three, mounted according to the 4 + 3 + 4 scheme. The weight of the carcass with 11 coal inserts of types A or B of profile 2 is not more than 12.7 kg. The working length of the outer rows of coal inserts 960 mm. The nominal current of the current collector T-5 in the motion mode is 2030 A with type B inserts. The permissible overload is 40%.

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